• Research focuses on the development and assessment of methods for analyzing data and designing experiments. Areas of specialty include survival analysis, predictive modeling, longitudinal and clustered data analyses, statistical genetics, analysis of imaging data, data-mining methods, epidemiological methods, Bayesian methods, and computational biology.
  • Collaborate with students and faculty on statistical aspects of research projects and grants.
  • Provide training on the use of biostatistical methods in research.
  • Provide statistical consulting services through the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (


Area of Concentration Leader

Charles McCulloch, PhD Professor

Primary Faculty

Isabel Elaine Allen, PhD Professor
Peter Bacchetti, PhD Professor
David Glidden, PhD Professor
Joan Hilton, DSc, MPH Professor
Thomas Hoffman, PhD Assistant Professor
Chiung-Yu Huang, PhD Professor
Mi-Ok Kim, PhD Professor
John Kornak, PhD Professor
Iryna Lobach, PhD Assistant Professor
Charles McCulloch, PhD Professor
John Neuhaus, PhD Professor
Neil Risch, PhD Professor
Hugh Sturrock, PhD Assistant Professor
Eric Vittinghoff, PhD Professor
Jeff Wall, PhD, MS Professor
Jimmie Ye, PhD Assistant Professor

Secondary Faculty 

John W. Boscardin, PhD Professor
Jing Cheng, MD, MS, PhD Associate Professor
Kevin Delucchi, PhD Professor
Ann Lazar, PhD, MS Assistant Professor
Annette Molinaro, PhD Asssociate Professor
Steve Paul, PhD Principal Statistician
Li Zhang, PhD Associate Professor


Affiliate Faculty

Lynn Ackerson, PhD (KP DOR)  
Nicholas P. Jewell, PhD (UCB) Professor
Jun Song, PhD Associate Professor
Barry Taylor, PhD Associate Professor


Retired Faculty

Stephen Shiboski, PhD Professor (Recalled)