Clinical Epidemiology

Clinical Epidemiology is the application of principles of epidemiology to clinical medicine. While classical epidemiology is the study of the distribution and determinants of diseases in populations, clinical epidemiology is the application of the principles and methods of epidemiology to conduct, appraise or apply clinical research studies focusing on prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of disease. Clinical Epidemiology is the basic science of Evidence-based Medicine.

The Division of Clinical Epidemiology (DCE) was founded in 2001, succeeding a successful program in clinical epidemiology that began in 1984.


Research interests of primary appointment DCE faculty include cost effectiveness, healthcare financing, HIV and reproductive health (Dr. Kahn); application of clinical epidemiology to emergency medicine (Dr. Kohn); infectious diseases and international health (Dr. Martin); prediction and prevention of cardiovascular disease (Dr. Pletcher), and evidence-based pediatrics, particularly newborn care (Dr. Newman).

In addition, more than 40 affiliated faculty from diverse departments at UCSF, the Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, and other neighboring institutions carry out a wide variety of clinical research projects using clinical epidemiology methods.


The Division of Clinical Epidemiology is the home of the Training in Clinical Research (TICR) program, led by Dr. Jeff Martin.  The TICR program offers more than 50 courses in biostatistics, epidemiology, and evidence-based medicine as well as mentoring in clinical research, leading to 1-year certificates and 2-year masters degrees in clinical research.  DCE faculty also provide leadership and consultation and in the Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute (CTSI).

Primary Faculty

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD Professor
Michael A. Kohn, MD, MPP Associate Professor
Jeffrey N. Martin, MD, MPH Professor and Division Head
Mark Pletcher, MD, MPH Professor


Secondary Faculty

Douglas Bauer, MD Professor
Stephen Bent, MD Associate Professor
Matthew Cooperberg, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Christine E. Dehlendorf, MD Associate Professor
Valerie Flaherman, MD Assistant Professor
Joshua Galanter, MD Assistant Professor
Hannah Glass, MD Associate Professor
Rafael Gonzales, MD, MSPH Professor
Ruth Greenblatt, MD Professor
Rebecca Jackson, MD Professor
Kirsten Johansen, MD Professor
James G. Kahn, MD, MPH Professor
Alka Kanaya, MD Professor
Dhruv Kazi, MD, MS Assistant Professor
Karla Kerlikowske, MD Professor
Helen Kim, MPH, PhD Assistant Professor
Miriam Kuppermann, PhD, MD
Emily Perito, MD Assistant Professor
Kathryn Phillips, PhD Professor
George Sawaya, MD Professor
Hilary Seligman, MD Associate Professor
Michael Shlipak, MD Professor
Rebecca Smith-Bindman, MD Professor
Martina Steurer-Muller, MD Assistant Professor
Leslee Subak, MD Professor
Judith Walsh-Cassidy, MD, MPH Professor
Rachel Whitmer, PhD Associate Professor
Mary Whooley, MD Professor
Kristine Yaffe, MD Professor


Affiliate Faculty

Christian Apfel, MD Associate Professor
Andrew L. Avins, MD, MPH Professor
Harold V. Barron, MD Associate Professor
Mary Stanley Beattie, MD, MAS  Associate Professor
Warren Browner, MD, MPH Professor
Michael Cabana, MD, MPH Professor
Glenn Chertow, MD, MPH Professor
Richard Chin, MD Associate Professor
Alan Go, MD Associate Professor
Richard Grant, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Michael Martin, MD, MPH, MBA Assistant Professor
Michael J. Silverberg, Phd, MPH Associate Professor
Lee Zane, MD, MAS Assistant Professor


Retired Faculty

Steven B. Hulley, MD Professor (Emeritus)
Thomas Newman, MD, MPH Professor (Emeritus)
Joel Simon, MD, MPH Professor (Emeritus)