Clinical Epidemiology & Methods

  • Provides leadership and innovation in teaching the methods of classical and clinical epidemiology. Instruction includes both observational and experimental investigative methods spanning the spectrum from disease etiology and prevention to the diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of disease.
  • Promotes rigor and clarity in applying these methods to the design and execution of clinical research studies.
  • Contributes to and monitors the frontier of epidemiologic research methods.


Area of Concentration Leaders

Jeffrey Martin, MD, MPH Professor


Primary Faculty

Michael Kohn, MD, MPP Associate Professor
Jeffrey Martin, MD, MPH Professor
Mark Pletcher, MD, MPH Professor


Secondary Faculty

Deborah Barnes, PhD Associate Professor
Stephen Bent, MD Professor
Steven R. Cummings, MD Professor
James G. Kahn, MD, MPH Professor


Affiliate Faculty

Andrew L. Avins, MD, MPH (KP DOR) Professor
Michael J. Silverberg, PhD, MPH (KP DOR) Associate Professor


Retired Faculty

Thomas Newman, MD Professor (Emeritus)