The department has six divisions that oversee teaching and research activities and manage faculty appointments and promotions. These divisions comprise all members of the department, but the area of expertise for each member is more accurately reflected in the section in Areas of Concentration.

  1. The Division of Bioinformatics (Dr. Segal, Head) develops and provides the data analytic assistance required for the large data volumes generated by the emerging techniques of molecular biology. Faculty form research partnerships with other campus groups, recruits fellows and junior faculty to build this critical expanding area of research, and contributes to campus-wide bioinformatics teaching.
  2. The Division of Biostatistics (Dr. McCulloch, Head) oversees biostatistical teaching, collaboration, and consultation. Faculty in this division carry out research on statsitical methods, and collaborate with investigators in other UCSF departments in the areas of study design and data analysis.
  3. The Division of Chronic Disease Epidemiology (Dr. Black, Head) focuses on the application of epidemiology to chronic disease including the diseases of musculoskeletal origin, cardiovascular diseases, neurologic diseases and aging in general. It is also focused on the conduct and coordination of large-scale observational studies and experimental trials across multiple centers nationally and internationally.
  4. The Division of Clinical Epidemiology (Dr. Martin, Head) focuses on teaching the methods of evidence-based medicine and clinical research. Faculty in this division are involved in research that addresses epidemiologic topics in pediatrics, cardiovascular disease, infectious disease, women’s health and health services research.
  5. The Division of Genetic and Cancer Epidemiology (Dr. Witte, Head) provides training in cancer and genetic epidemiology. Faculty carry out research in these areas, often in collaboration with other investigators in the Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer Center.
  6. The Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology (Dr. Rutherford, Head) leads most of the department's research on HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, other infectious disease and global health.  It is also responsible for teaching of topics ranging from preventive medicine to public health and managed care.