Epidemiology of Aging

  • Focuses on aging across the life span and the adaptation and application of research methods to unique health problems in older populations
  • Faculty expertise and research includes population and clinical epidemiology of cognitive decline, dementia, depression, cardiovascular disease, stroke, age-related macular degeneration, musculoskeletal disorders, frailty, osteoporosis, successful aging, and longitudinal statistics and methods.
  • Faculty and mentors are available at DEB, as well as collaborating institutions, including the VA and UC Berkeley School of Public Health and through CPMC.
  • Areas of particular research expertise include musculoskeletal disease; clinical research in osteoporosis, osteoarthritis and muscle
  • Develops and maintains several large observational studies and clinical trial databases that can be used by students and others
  • Faculty expertise and research includes design and management of multicenter studies, design of observational studies and clinical trials in osteoporosis and osteoarthrisis, the relationship of osteoporosis and diabetes, optimal treatment for osteoporosis.
  • Research on determinants and predictors of cardiovascular disease, including standard risk factors and novel biomarkers
  • Special emphasis in cardiovascular research on the comparative effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of policy and clinical decisions related to screening, risk stratification and prevention


Area of Concentration Leader

Mary Haan, DrPH, MPH Professor

Primary Faculty

Dennis Black, PhD Professor
Maria Glymour, ScD, MS Professor
Kala Mehta, MPD, DSc Associate Professor
John Neuhaus, PhD Professor
Michael Nevitt, PhD Professor
Mark Pletcher, MD, MPH Professor
Ann Schwartz, PhD, MPH Associate Professor
Eric Vittinghoff, PhD Professor

Secondary Faculty

Deborah Barnes, PhD Associate Professor
Douglas Bauer, MD Professor
Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, MD, PhD, MAS Professor
John W. Boscardin, PhD Professor
Steven R. Cummings, MD  Professor
Alka Kanaya, MD Professor
Michael Shlipak, MD Professor
Louise Walter, MD Professor
Judith Walsh-Cassidy, MD, MPH Professor
Mary Whooley, MD Professor
Kristine Yaffe, MD Professor
Irene Yen, PhD, MPH Associate Professor

Affiliate Faculty

Andrew L. Avins, MD, MPH (KP DOR) Professor
Joaquin Barnoya, MD, MPH (Washington University) Associate Professor
Harold V. Barron, MD (Calico) Associate Professor
Warren Browner, MD, MPH (CPMC) Professor
Alan Go, MD (KP DOR)  
Carlos Iribarren, MD, MPH, PhD (KP DOR) Assistant Professor
Clay Johnston, MD, PhD (University of Texas) Professor
Nancy Lane, MD (UCD) Endowed Professor of Medicine
Rachel Whitmer, PhD (KP DOR)  Associate Professor


Retired Faculty

Stephen B. Hulley, MD Professor (Emeritus)
Mary Haan, DrPH, MPH Professor
Thomas Newman, MD Professor (Emeritus)
Joel Simon, MD, MPH Professor (Emeritus)