Genetic Epidemiology

  • Focus on deciphering the genetic basis of disease using measures such as DNA sequence, RNA/gene expression, copy number variants, epigenetics, and gene-environment interaction.
  • Training in unique study designs and statistical methods to explore genetic influences in epidemiologic studies.
  • Using genetic information to evaluate long term health effects of modifiable phenotypes, e.g., with instrumental variables/Mendelian Randomization models.
  • Rapidly evolving field with growing use in epidemiologic research at UCSF and worldwide.


Area of Concentration Leader

John S. Witte, PhD, MS Professor

Primary Faculty

Henrik Bengtsson, PhD, MS Assistant Professor
Thomas Hoffmann, PhD Assistant Professor
Iryna Lobach, PhD Assistant Professor
Neil Risch, PhD Professor
Mark Segal, PhD Professor
Joe Wiemels, PhD Professor
John S. Witte, PhD, MS Professor

Secondary Faculty

Mark Seielstad, PhD Associate Professor
John Wiencke, PhD Professor


Retired Faculty

Margaret Wrensch, PhD Professor (Recalled)