Infectious Disease Epidemiology

The Division of Infectious Disease Epidemiology trains students, residents, and post-doctoral fellows in the methods of epidemiologic and clinical research involving infectious and tropical diseases and conducts research on the epidemiology and prevention of these diseases. The division also trains, conducts research in, and participates in the practice of public health and preventive medicine, both domestically and internationally.


The principal research interests of divisional faculty members include the epidemiology, prevention, treatment, and organization of health services for HIV/AIDS (Professors Brown, Lindan, Malekinejad, Mirzazedeh, Rutherford, Sepúlveda, Wei), malaria (Professors Bennett, Feachem, Gosling, Sturrock), sexually transmitted diseases (Professors Brown, Lindan, Rutherford), emerging infectious diseases (Professors Enororia, Rutherford), trachoma (Professor Porco), tuberculosis (Professors Handley, Porco, Rutherford), hepatitis C (Professors Malekinejad, Rutherford), coccidioidomycosis (Professor Rutherford), Chaga's disease (Professor Bern) and visceral leishmaniasis (Professor Bern). These interests also include health care systems (Professors Feachem, Macfarlane, Montagu, Peabody, Sudhinaraset), injection drug use (Professors Malekinejad, Mirzazedeh, Morris), mathematical modeling and spatial epidemiology (Professors Bennett, Porco, Sturrock), implementation sciences (Professors Handley, Rutherford), evidence-based medicine and public policy (Professors Feachem, Malekinejad, Rutherford), preterm birth and its consequences (Professor Jeliffe-Pawlowski, Rutherford),  and immunizations (Professors Rutherford, Sepúlveda).


The division sponsors the infectious disease and global health tracks in the Epidemiology and Translational Sciences doctoral program. It is the administrative home for the residency program in General Preventive Medicine and Public Health. Departmental faculty are responsible for the public health and global health core course for second-year medical students in the Infection, Inflammation and Immunity block, the fourth year elective clerkship in Public Health and Preventive Medicine and the doctoral-level courses and seminars in infectious disease epidemiology. Faculty members also teach in a large number of other courses and programs at UCSF and other institutions, including global health sciences and the implementation sciences track in the Masters of Clinical Research Program.

Primary Faculty

Bruce Agins, MD Professor
Adam Bennett, PhD, MA Assistant Professor
Caryn Bern, MD, MPH Professor
Joelle Brown, PhD, MPH Associate Professor
Nadia Diamond-Smith, PhD, MS Assistant Professor
Neelam Feachem, MS Associate Professor
Richard Feachem, DSc, PhD Professor
Roland Gosling, PhD, MS Associate Professor
Margaret Handley, PhD, MPH Professor
Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, PhD, MS Associate Professor
Rachel King, PhD Assistant Professor
Christina Lindan, MD, MS Professor
Mohsen Malekinejad, MD, DrPH Assistant Professor
Ali Mirzazadeh, MD, MPH Assistant Professor
Dominic Montagu, DrPH, MPH, MBA Associate Professor
Meghan Morris, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor
John Peabody, MD, PhD Professor
Travis Porco, PhD, MPH Professor
George Rutherford, III, MD, Professor and Division Head
Jaime Sepúlveda, MD, DrSc, MSc, MPH Professor
Starley Shade, PhD, MPH Associate Professor
Jennifer L. Smith, MSc, PhD Assistant Professor
Hugh James Sturrock, PhD Assistant Professor
Justin White, PhD Assistant Professor


Secondary Faculty 

Nisha Acharya, MD Associate Professor
Margaret Chesney, PhD Professor
Judith Hahn, PhD, MA Associate Professor
Norman Hearst, MD, MPH  Family and Community Medicine
Jaco Homsy, MD MPH Assistant Professor
Thomas Lietman, MD, MPH Professor
Saam Morshed, MD, PhD Associate Professor
Edward Murphy, MD, MPH Professor
Robert Owen, MD Medicine
Mark Seielstad, PhD Professor
Chongyi Wei, DrPH, MA Assistant Professor


Affiliate Faculty 

Ameena Ahmed, MD Assistant Professor
Pauli Amornkul, MD, MPH                                                      Assistant Professor
Jon Andrus, MD, MPH Pan American Health Organization (PAHO)
Tomás Aragon, MD, DrPH Epidemiology, Berkeley School of Public Health
Population Health Division, San Francisco Department of Public Health
Joaquin Barnoya, MD Assistant Professor
Heidi Bauer, MD, MS, MPH Epidemiology, Berkeley School of Public Health
Sanjiv M. Baxi, MD, MPH, PhD Assistant Professor
Carol Brosgart, MD, MPH Professor
Susan P. Buchbinder, MD Professor
Anand Chabra, MD, MPH Assistant Professor
John Colford, MD, PhD Berkeley, School of Public Health
Wayne Enanoria, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor
Joseph G. Engelman Professor
Alvaro Garza, MD, MPH Assistant Professor
Sundeep Gupta, MD, MPH Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Kampala, Uganda
Cora R. Hoover, MD Assistant Professor
Jimee Hwang, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Richard Jackson UCLA Department of Environmental Health Studies
Mitchell Katz, MD Professor
Michael Kelsh, MD, MPH Professor
Barrot Lambdin, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor
Margaret McCusker, MD, MPH Associate Professor
William McFarland, MD, PhD, MPH Professor
Jonathan Mermin, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Scott Morrow, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Kimberly Page, PhD, MPH, MBA Professor
Simon David Pollett Assistant Professor
Matthew Price, PhD Assistant Professor
H. Fisher Raymond Assistant Professor
Jennifer Read, MD, MPH Professor
Arthur Reingold, MD Epidemiology, University of California, Berkeley
Sarah E. Royce Assistant Professor
Sandra Schwarcz, MD, MPH Professor
Nandi Siegfried, MBBCh, MPH Assistant Professor
May Sudhinaraset, PhD Assistant Professor
Roberto Tapia-Conyer, PhD, MPH Fundación Carlos Slim, Mexico City, Mexico
Godfried van Griensven, PhD, MPH Associate Professor
Duc J. Vugia, MD, MPH, FACP Professor
James Watt, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Erin Wilson, PhD, MPH  
Mary Wilson, MD Professor


Retired Faculty

John Conte, MD Professor (Emeritus)
Robert Goldsmith, PhD Professor (Emeritus)
Donald Heyneman, PhD Professor (Emeritus)
Sarah Macfarlane, MS, PhD Professor (Recalled)
Andrew Moss, PhD, MSc, MPH Professor (Emeritus)
Dennis Osmond, PhD, MA Professor (Emeritus)