Screening and Early Detection

  • Focuses on providing a conceptual and practical understanding of the principles of screening across a spectrum of non-communicable and communicable diseases in developed countries and globally
  • Examines current approaches to screening for specific diseases, including the strengths, controversies and limitations of screening strategies
  • Faculty and mentors are available in the department and its affiliated faculty


Area of Concentration Leader

Dejana Braithwaite, PhD, MS Associate Professor

Primary Faculty

Dejana Braithwaite, PhD, MS Associate Professor
Mark Pletcher, MD, MPH Professor
George W. Rutherford, III, MD Professor


Secondary Faculty

Matthew Cooperberg, MD, MPH Associate Professor
Karla Kerlikowske, MD Professor
Kathryn Phillips, PhD Professor
George Sawaya, MD Professor
Judith Walsh-Cassidy, MD, MPH Professor


Retired Faculty

Thomas Newman, MD, MPH Professor (Emeritus)