Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo

Happy March!!

We are ramping up in our efforts in the five strategic priority areas. Each of these works to advance the mission of the department in the areas of research, education and collaboration. You will hear more about each of these in our upcoming newsletters:

  1. Communication and Cohesion
  2. Faculty Development
  3. Strategic Partnerships
  4. Integration of Educational Programs
  5. "One Big Idea"

I was thrilled last Friday to participate in the "speed dating" session — the chance to learn more about the great faculty and research in our department. Improving cohesion was a major theme in the retreat, and I'm thankful to Nadia Diamond-Smith, Maria Glymour, Laura Jelliffe-Pawlowski, Meghan Morris, Jackie Torres, Justin White and Jimmie Ye for participating and kicking off what I hope will be a regular event and to Laura and Maria for organizing and suggesting the idea.

Everyone has the chance to contribute more ideas next week as we launch our DEB Open Proposal Competition. We are looking for your ideas — both big and small — that will advance our mission and our five priority areas. More to come!



June Chan

June Chan has been appointed Vice Chair for Education and will oversee all of our educational programs including degree and certificate programs (Training in Clinical Research, PhD. and Implementation Science) and level-specific training programs (undergraduate, resident and postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty).

John Witte

John Witte has been appointed Vice Chair for Faculty Development. He will play an important role in developing and overseeing departmental structures and processes to assure mentorship and career development for all of our faculty. He will also work closely with the departmental leadership to recruit and develop new faculty members with primary or secondary appointments in DEB.

Diversity workshop

Diversity workshop: On Friday, March 9th, the department’s diversity committee will host a workshop focused on identifying strategies we can apply to our daily interactions and structural systems to enhance our workforce. Sessions will be a combination of discussion, lecture and group work activities. In-person attendance is preferred, but for those off-site a video conferencing login is available. Please contact Agnes Ng for login information.

More News:

If you have news or honors you’d like to submit for an upcoming newsletter, send an email with the details to Anne Wolf.



Social Events - Punch Party and Agnes Ng Shower
  • Diversity workshop: Expanding selection criteria to include a holistic review
    March 9, 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
  • Epi Tools Workshop: Jarvis Chen
    March 14, 1 to 4 pm
    Rock Hall
  • Public Health System Improvements in Liberia through Global Health Security Agenda
    Emily Kainne Dokubo, MD, MPH, CDC Country Director in Cameroon
    March 14, noon to 1 pm
  • The Roles of Machine Learning in Data Analysis
    Fushing Hsieh, PhD, UC Davis
    April 4, 3 to 4 pm