The links below are a series of templates for scientific posters, flyers in three sizes and name tags. These templates, which follow UCSF branding guidelines, include the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics name. Using these templates provides consistency for both the university and the department and, over time, increases the impact of both. For more on the UCSF brand strategy, see identity.ucsf.edu

When you select a link, a zip file with several options will be downloaded. Simply choose the version you prefer. You may change the photographs as well as the copy in the templates. Please read the template instructions before you get started. If you have questions, contact Anne Wolf.

Template instructions

Scientific posters

60 x 36 horizontal
78 x 40 horizontal
34 x 70 vertical


8.5 x 11
11 x 17
24 x 36

Name tags

Avery 5384 pdf (for printing without names)
Avery 5384 (for mail merge)

Powerpoint template instructions