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The PRISE Center has received a T32 grant from The National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute to support five outstanding post-doctoral scholars with interdisciplinary training in implementation science and health equity approaches to help transform the uptake and delivery of evidence-based interventions for heart and lung diseases in clinical and community settings. The positions start in September 2023. PRISE is especially interested in current postdocs looking for one more year of funding, who are working with a primary mentor at UCSF or UC Irvine. Please see the award, mentor, and application requirements at this link. Applications are open and occur on a rolling basis.
Posted Aug. 7

Course Director, Biostat 202 Opportunities and challenges of complex biomedical data (3 units), to begin Summer 2024.
This course offers an introduction to the opportunities and challenges of using large datasets for biomedical research. Topics to be covered include: What makes big data different, and what can big data do and not do. Phases of data science: getting data, merging and cleaning data, storing and accessing data, visualizing or telling stories with data, and drawing conclusions from data. Introduction to supervised and unsupervised machine learning including detailed discussion of algorithms and model fitting. Interested parties should contact John Kornak, Program Director for the Master's and Certificate in Health Data Science.
Posted Aug. 1

Course Director Biostat 216 Machine Learning in R for the Biomedical Sciences. (3 units), to begin Winter 2024.
This course covers machine learning methods as they apply to areas of biomedical research and will teach how to implement the methods in R. Topics to be covered include: What is machine learning? Prediction techniques (including classification) and methods for assessing them; cross-validation; penalized regression methods such as lasso, boosting, bagging and ensemble methods; pattern recognition; deep learning; and data reduction methods; and machine learning meta packages in R. Interested parties should contact John Kornak, Program Director for the Masters and Certificate in Health Data Science.
Posted Aug. 1

Jobs in the Field

Biostatistician/Epidemiologist, UCSF Center for Vulnerable Populations (posted Aug. 1)