Digital Health Initiative

The Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Digital Health Initiative, created in 2020 by Courtney Lyles, PhD, aims to advance research, scholarship, mentorship, and training in digital health research within the Department and across UCSF by providing strategic direction and external visibility. 

What is digital health?

Digital health describes the use of flexible, integrated, interoperable digitally-enabled care environments to empower people, populations and healthcare providers to manage health and wellness.


Accelerate the development and application of digital health to advance population health and health equity.


The Digital Health Initiative aligns and advances UCSF’s efforts in digital health, using rigorous methodologies, cross-disciplinary approaches and applied learning experiences.


We aim to enhance scholarship on digital health and informatics topics, particularly those with population-level impact, and to increase implementation and dissemination of effective digital platforms to improve health outcomes. We will engage with high-impact research using and evaluating digital technologies, collaborate on trans-disciplinary teams and provide high-value services to multiply our impact and train the next generation of health researchers and practitioners to make the most of digital platforms and tools.

Selected projects

Patient Counts
Tools to Be Fit

Steering Committee