Implementation Science Training Program

UCSF Implementation Science Faculty

Implementation science is a dynamic interdisciplinary field that focuses on bridging the gap between research findings and their real-world application within clinical, public health and community settings. It encompasses the study of methods, strategies and processes to effectively integrate evidence-based practices into routine care, thereby advancing the quality of healthcare worldwide. By examining factors influencing the uptake and sustainability of interventions, implementation science helps identify barriers and facilitators to successful and equitable implementation and yields insights into how to tailor interventions to diverse contexts and populations. Its significance lies in its ability to accelerate the translation of research discoveries into practice, enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare services, and ultimately improve health outcomes on a broad scale.

The UCSF Implementation Science Training Program offers online courses designed for working practitioners, researchers and graduate students.

Online Certificate Program in Implementation Science

The Online Certificate Program offers a comprehensive curriculum that equips participants with a deep understanding of the field and a versatile skill set. It is a part-time program in which learners complete six courses from a catalog of nine online, graduate-level courses focused on theories and methods relevant to designing strategies to facilitate the uptake of health-related interventions. Courses may also be taken individually instead of completing all six courses required for the Certificate.

Individual Courses in Implementation Science

Courses in the Online Certificate Program may be taken individually. Choose courses that are most useful at this stage in your career. Courses can be tailored to support ongoing projects. If desired, individual courses may be applied as credit to the certificate.

Implementation Science Short Course

A two-day, live and virtual course featuring instruction in theory and application of key implementation science concepts. Learners engage with activities in a small group setting with individualized attention.

Implementation Science Mini-Course

This self-directed, online mini-course provides a brief introduction to the field of implementation science through short video lectures, readings and case studies.

Master's Degree in Clinical Research, Implementation Science Track

A rigorous, two-year course of study intended for advanced pre-doctoral fellows, postdoctoral fellows and faculty members who wish to master clinical research methods and pursue independent research careers. Implementation science track scholars take a series of implementation-specific electives and most of the required courses for the standard master’s program.

Research in Implementation Science for Equity (RISE)

RISE is an all-expenses-paid training opportunity for junior faculty who are underrepresented in the biomedical sciences. RISE is designed to train competitive scientists and enhance the diversity of the biomedical research workforce.