Digital Health Study Design: Real-world lessons learned from ongoing UCSF research projects

September 17, 2021
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Zoom - Registry Link Below

Presented by:

The DEB Digital Health Initiative




Join us for an engaging discussion on designing digital health studies, including usability testing; deploying technologies in and outside of clinical practice; ecological momentary assessment methods; and monitoring data quality before, during, and after interventions.


After brief presentations, we will have an interactive Q&A session with the panelists on best practices, challenges, and common approaches across projects.







Joaquin Anguera, PhD

Associate Professor, UCSF Weill Institute for Neurosciences

Director of Clinical Division, UCSF Neuroscape


Frederick Hecht, MD

Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

Director, UCSF Osher Center Research Program


Ida Sim, PhD, MD

Professor, UCSF School of Medicine

Co-Founder, Open mHealth

Co-Founder, Vivli





Erin Van Blarigan, ScD

Associate Professor, UCSF Department of Epidemilogy & Biostatistics

and Department of Urology, School of Medicine








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