Journal Club: Althoff's work on analyses of large scale internet data & EHRs

PhD Program Sponsored Event

The broad topic of this meeting is to discuss recent work that has leveraged large scale internet data (social media, google, mobile tracking, etc) and also electronic health records, to ask interesting questions in different areas of public health. Aside from just talking about one specific article, we would also like to get some ideas flowing on how we can utilize data like this for our own areas of research interest. Maybe we’ll even get some collaborations going!

 We’ll be using the work of Tim Althoff – a PhD candidate over at Stanford – as a jumping off point, but feel free to bring your own ideas and do some google searching on recent studies in this area (one journal in particular that is pretty cool: Journal of Medical Internet Research. (JMIR)

 Attached is a Nature article by Tim we will be discussing (the link is here as well).  

Large-scale physical activity data reveal worldwide activity inequality

 In addition, check out these articles recently published in JMIR 


Prediction of Incident Hypertension Within the Next Year: Prospective Study Using Statewide Electronic Health Records and Machine Learning

 Relationship Between State-Level Google Online Search Volume and Cancer Incidence in the United States: Retrospective Study

 We will not necessarily be dissecting these articles to understand the methods (like we’ve done in other journal clubs), but more using them (and others you might find) as a jumping off point for conversation on how we can advance our own research questions with different types of internet data!