Learning Effective Treatments for Chronic Diseases from Real-World Clinical Data in Healthcare

December 4, 2020
11:40AM - 12:30PM
Zoom - Registry Link Below

Vashisht will discuss research underway in Atul Butte's lab to learn effective treatments for chronic diseases such as Type-2 diabetes from real-world clinical data from the University of California Healthcare system, within the target trial framework for causal inference. Vashisht will touch on structuring real-world clinical data into the OMOP common data model; implementing the target trial framework for causal inference to generate real-world evidence in a safe, secure, and respectful manner; and disseminating evidence to help inform medical and policy-level decision making.





Image previewSpeaker: Rohit Vashisht, PhD, Clinical Data Scientist, Bakar Computational Health Science Institute, UCSF



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Event Type: 
DEB First Friday Seminar