DEB August Pizza Seminar

Yeyi Zhu, PhD

Title: Leveraging Epidemiological, Biological and Medical Data for Prediction and Prevention in Women’s & Children’s Health

Summary: Dr. Zhu’s research interests are at the interface of disease etiology and prevention strategies in women’s and children’s health across the lifespan. Using cohort survey data, biological data, and electronic medical records, she applies a life course approach to examine the developmental origins of cardiometabolic impairments. The findings may inform upstream preventive strategies to interrupt the vicious intergenerational cycle of obesity and diabetes.

Testing High-Dimensional Non-Parametric Functions With Application In SNP/Gene Set Analysis

Tao He, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics San Francisco State University

The Stratified Micro-Randomized Trial with Application to Mobile Health

Annual UCSF Invited Lecture in Biostatistics and Bioinformatics

Susan Murphy, PhD, Harvard University

Epi Tools Workshop: Melinda Power

Epi Tools Workshop: Melinda Power