Using informal online big data to uncover hidden insights on social interactions and phenomena that influence population health

November 12, 2019
Mission Hall Rm 3700

Emerging computational methods and novel digital data sources are changing the landscape of population health research. In this presentation, Dr. Hswen will cover three key objectives spanning the fields of computational epidemiology and population informatics. First, Dr. Hswen will provide an overview of the application of novel computational methods for uncovering patterns of disease and exploring the links between individual behaviors and illness trajectories. Second, Dr. Hswen will demonstrate how digital data can advance our understanding of social determinants of health and further efforts to promote equitable access to quality health care among marginalized patient populations. Last, Dr. Hswen will consider how big data and computational methods can advance our understanding of the impact of social, environmental, and political forces on human health. Across each aim in this presentation, Dr. Hswen will draw from her work to highlight case studies covering topics related to mental health, substance use, infectious disease, health care quality, vaping, and environmental contaminants and health. With access to myriad sources of unconventional digital data, Dr. Hswen will conclude by highlighting why this is now one of the most exciting times in the history of modern medical research as there is potential to understand human health in ways that were previously not possible.

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