Journal Club in Social Justice Epidemiology

The Journal Club, hosted by the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, brings together faculty and graduate students across UCSF to promote scholarly dialogue and collaboration. The goal is to increase understanding of issues and contexts resulting in the difference in health status rates between groups and how rates vary based on resource distribution. Discussions focus on the political, social and cultural factors impacting health outcome distribution.

Each 75-minute meeting has two parts:

  1. Journal article review and discussion (50 minutes)
  2. Review and feedback on members' work-in-progress activities (25 minutes)

Topic themes rotate quarterly, with participants reading one or two articles per meeting. Light snacks are provided.

Each month a different faculty member and PhD student lead the session with a brief overview of each article and discussion questions to prompt conversation. Our aim is to provide a stimulating learning environment for both faculty and students requiring minimal preparation time.

The club provides opportunities for faculty and PhD students to:

  • Support scholarly literacy and increase scientific productivity
  • Engage in discussion with each other around scientific questions
  • Introduce new theoretical or methodological approaches
  • Participate in regular work-in-progress sessions to receive and provide feedback on papers, grants and other works in progress focused on health disparities topics
  • Expand understanding of broader substantive and methodological implications of current research in health disparities research

If you are interested in joining the journal club, please contact faculty leader Meghan Morris, PhD, MPH, or student leader Ekland Abdiwahab, MPH.