Faculty Spotlight: Paul Wesson, PhD

Paul Wesson, PhD
Paul Wesson, PhD

This is a reprint from the ARCHES January newsletter.

I am an epidemiologist focused on quantifying the health burdens of (and disparities related to) hard-to-reach and socially marginalized populations, particularly as they relate to infectious diseases. My research expertise includes developing and using data-driven methods for sampling hard-to-reach and “hidden” populations, population size estimation methods, and using advanced epidemiologic and statistical techniques to study the social determinants of health. I am particularly interested in the social determinants of infectious disease risk. I see my research as existing at the nexus of infectious disease, data science, and social epidemiology; as such, I incorporate theories and principles from social epidemiology to inform and guide my study designs and analyses (e.g. intersectionality, minority stress theory).

I am the PI of a recently funded (by NIMH) Ending the HIV Epidemic administrative supplement that is focused on strengthening linkages to HIV care and other support services for people living with HIV who are exiting jail (titled: “Implementation strategies to optimize post-incarceration continuity of care for people living with HIV with criminal legal involvement”). The supplement will incorporate advanced statistical models, qualitative research, intersectionality, and implementation science.

I moved to Alameda a couple of years ago and love to go paddle boarding out here in my spare time. I am also trying to be better at surfing.