Replay: Best Practices for Research on Racial and Ethnic Inequalities in Cognitive Aging and Dementia



This is the 2022 annual conference for the ADVANCED PSYCHOMETRIC METHODS FOR COGNITIVE AGING RESEARCH (ΨMCA). Health equity research in the area of Alzheimer’s Disease and related disorders requires careful consideration of theoretical framework, study design, expertise in measurement across different cultural and language populations, and use of advanced psychometric and statistical techniques to ensure proper analysis of data. Both between group comparisons and within group studies are needed to understand shared and specific risk and protective factors for cognitive decline and dementia and to target interventions to promote cognitive health. Approaches to this research must incorporate a framework that measures and models the structures and racialized systems that influence brain health over the lifecourse. The ΨMCA 2022 workshop will focus on conceptual frameworks and analytic strategies for ADRD research in minoritized populations that will add novel and actionable knowledge to this area.