TICR Program Seminar for First-Year Master’s and Certificate Program Scholars

Fall, Winter, Spring 2022-2023 (1 Unit)

The TICR Program First-Year Seminar provides scholars the opportunity to have their research intensively critiqued by a group of interested peers and helps bring together in practical situations the theoretical topics covered in other parts of the TICR Program. It also gives scholars experience critiquing others' work, which will be a regular task in their professional activities. We start in Fall Quarter by reviewing protocols created in the Summer Designing Clinical Research course and then move in Winter and Spring to discussing the implementation of research, including questionnaires, procedures, abstracts, manuscripts, or new protocols.

To Enroll

This course is restricted to those enrolled in the Advanced Training in Clinical Research Certificate Program (ATCR) and the Master's in Clinical Research Degree Program.  A limited number of spaces are available to non-TICR students.  Please complete the course application form to indicate interest in participation.  

ATCR and MAS students use the Student Portal

All others:

Apply for Spring sesson by March 31, 2023