• Focuses on the development and application of computational and statistical methods to high-dimensional molecular-level data.
  • Special emphasis on genomic and proteomic problems represented by data structures deriving from contemporary high-throughput technologies.
  • Faculty and mentors are available in the departmental Division of Bioinformatics, the Graduate Program in Biological and Medical Informatics and in partner institutions in the Bay Area.


Area of Concentration Leader

Mark Segal, PhD Professor


Primary Faculty

Henrik Bengtsson, PhD, MS Assistant Professor
Adam Olshen, PhD Professor
Katherine Pollard, PhD Professor
Mark Segal, PhD Professor and Division Head

Secondary Faculty

Atul Butte, MD, PhD Professor
Alisha Holloway, PhD Assistant Professor
David Quigley, PhD Assistant Professor
Sean Thomas, PhD Assistant Professor


Affiliate Faculty

Saunak Sen, PhD (UTHSC) Professor
Jun Song, PhD (UIUC) Professor
Yuanyuan Xiao (Gilead) Assistant Professor