Fellows Advancement Skills Training in Clinical Research (FAST-CaR)

The goals of the Fellows Advancement Skills Training in Clinical Research (FAST-CaR) program are to help clinical research fellows at UCSF to have a tighter-knit community and to have structured career development activities and ongoing research project feedback.

All participating fellows should be doing human subjects research and have some clinical research training. Fellows should be participating in a small group for regular feedback on their projects (works-in-progress).

    The structure for this program:

    • Small Groups: consist of 10-12 clinical research fellows with 3-4 faculty who meet regularly for works-in-progress sessions and group mentoring. These small groups will be about 2 hours long, scheduled on days/times/locations that are most convenient for the group. The faculty for each small group are supported by Divisions/Departments with T32 grants.
    • We currently have 7 small groups that are affiliated with FAST-CaR, but are interested in having new small groups join. Current small groups affiliated with FAST-CaR are:
    • Quarterly seminars: CTST will host a quarterly curriculum in half-day blocks. These quarterly seminars will build more of a community for research fellows across the campus.

    * Resources from presentations are at the bottom of this page. Please refer to the number in parenthesis, ( ), under Session Topics.

    Session Topics


    Sep 6, 2019 - Session 1

    Academic Prioritization Panel

    Jennifer Lai, Sei Lee

    Mentoring (01)

    Alison Huang

    What I Wished I'd Learned as a Fellow

    Sanket Dhruva, Elaine Khoong

    Nov 20, 2019 - Session 2

    Responsible Conduct of Research, Fraud, Ethics

    Steve Cummings, Deborah Grady

    Creating Your NIH BioSketch (02)

    Karla Kerlikowske

    Manuscript Writing and Revising

    Michelle Estrella, Amy Markowitz, Mike Shlipak

    Feb 5, 2020 - Session 3

    Professional Networking

    Courtney Lyles, Monika Sarkar, Scott Bauer

    Data Resources (03)

    Rita Hamad

    Using Social Media (04)

    CTSI Social Media Team

    Sep 16, 2020 - Session 1

    Preparing and Presenting Your Research in Talks (05)

    Christine Dehlendorf, Vasantha Jotwani

    Abstracts & Posters (06)

    Adnan Alseidi, Pam Ling

    Fellowship to K Transition

    Naomi Bardach

    Nov 6, 2020 - Session 2

    Leaders Talk About the Job Search (07)

    Steve Asch, Sandy Feng, Chi-yuan Hsu

    Academic Job Interviews (08)

    Alka Kanaya, Yiwey Shieh

    Media Relations and Communication

    Margot Kushel

    Feb 10, 2021 - Session 3
    Reviewing Papers for Journals (09) Andy Auerbach, Andrew Ko
    Gender Equity in Medicine (10) Urmimala Sarkar
    Negotiation Kirsten Bibbins-Domingo, Eric Small
    May 7, 2021 - Session 4
    Stereotype Threat (11, 12, 13) Erick Hung
    Translating Research into Pollcy (14, 15, 16) Hilary Seligman
    Anti-Raciscm in Medicine (17) Rhea Boyd
    September 10, 2021 - Session 1
    November 17, 2021 - Session 2
    February 11, 2022 - Session 3
    May 18, 2022 - Session 4


    06 - How Do I Create a Morrison-Style Poster by MakeSigns (Provided by Pam Ling)
    10 - Urmimala Sarkar: Gender Equity in Medicine
    11 - Erick Hung: Stereotype Threat Slides
    12 - Stereotype Threat and Health Disparities: What Medical Educators and Future Physicians Need to Know by Diana Burgess et al
    13 - Erick Hung: Stereotype Threat Video
    14 - Hilary Seligman: Translating Research Into Policy Slides
    15 - Strategic Science with Policy Impact Article
    16 - Hilary Seligman: Translating Research Into Policy Video
    17 - Rhea Boyd: Anti-Racism in Medicine Video