Global Health

  • Provides in-depth study of the application of epidemiology and population-based interventions to improve health and decrease disease and disability internationally.
  • There is a specific focus on low- and middle-income countries. Students are encouraged to take additional coursework in another area, such as environmental and occupational epidemiology, infectious disease epidemiology, maternal-child health or chronic disease epidemiology as well as achieving mastery in methods, such as implementation science, meta-analysis and systematic review, and clinical trials.
  • The faculty has strong ties to the Global Health Sciences at UCSF, the Center for Global Public Health at Berkeley and major public health agencies, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunizations.


Area of Concentration Leader

George W. Rutherford, III, MD  Professor


Primary Faculty

Bruce Agins, MD Professor
Adam Bennett, PhD, MA Assistant Professor
Caryn Bern, MD, MPH Professor
Richard Feachem, DSc, PhD Professor
Roland Gosling, PhD, MS Associate Professor
Margaret Handley, PhD, MPH Professor
Robert A. Hiatt, MD, PhD Professor
Christina Lindan, MD, MS Associate Professor
Jeffrey Martin, MD, MPH Professor
Dominic Montagu, DrPh Associate Professor
Meghan Morris, PhD, MPH Assistant Professor
John W. Peabody, MD, MPH Professor
George W. Rutherford, III, MD Professor
Jaime Sepúlveda, MD, DSc, MPH Professor
Starley Shade, PhD, MPH Associate Professor
Jennifer L. Smith, MSc, PhD Assistant Professor
Hugh Sturrock, PhD Assistant Professor
Lydia Zablotska, MD, PhD Associate Professor


Secondary Faculty

Robyn Gershon, DrPH Professor
Judith Hahn, PhD, MA Associate Professor
Norman Hearst, MD, MPH Professor
Jaco Homsy, MD MPH Assistant Professor
James G. Kahn, MD, MPH Professor
Thomas Lietman, MD Professor
Mohsen Malekinejad, MD, DrPh Assistant Professor
Saam Morshed, MD, MPH, PHD Assistant Professor
Edward Murphy, MD, MPH Professor
Mark Seielstad, PhD Associate Professor


Affiliate Faculty

Pauli Amornkul (IAVI) Assistant Professor
Jon Andrus, MD, MPH (Pan American Health Org, PAHO)  
Joaquin Barnoya, MD, MPH (Washington University, St. Louis School of Medicine) Assistant Professor 
Carol Brosgart, MD (East Bay AIDS Center) Professor 
Susan P. Buchbinder, MD (SFDPH) Professor 
Lisa Butler, PhD (Boston Children's Hospital)  
Wayne Enanoria, PhD, MPH (SFDPH) Assistant Professor
Sundeep Gupta (CDC)  
Barrot H Lambdin, PhD, MPH (Pangaea) Assistant Professor 
Willi McFarland, MD, MPH (SFDPH) Professor 
Jonathan Mermin, MD, MPH (CDC) Associate Professor
Matt Price, PhD (IAVI) Assistant Professor
Jennifer Read, MD, MS, MPH (National Vaccine Program Office) Professor 
Arthur Reingold, MD (UCB) Professor 
Sarah Royce, MD, MPH Assistant Professor
Sandra Schwarcz, MD, MPH (SFDPH)  Professor 
Nandi Siegfried, MD, MPH (University of Cape Town) Assistant Professor
May Sudhinaraset, PhD Assistant Professor
Roberto Tapia-Conyer, MD, MPH (Carlos Slim Foundation) Professor 
Godfridus van Griensven (Thai Red Cross) Associate Professor


Retired Faculty

Marion Lee, PhD, MPH Professor (Emeritus)
Sarah Macfarlane, MS, PhD Professor (Emeritus)