To measure racism as a risk factor, UCSF researcher asks communities to help define it

By Cameron Scott on February 24, 2020
In the last decade or so, epidemiological studies have begun to address the elephant in the room: racism. Racism lurks within all of the socioeconomic characteristics researchers analyze, but it’s not easy to measure.

What the evidence says about Medicare for All and other single-payer healthcare plans

By Cameron Scott on February 21, 2020
Single-payer health care – in which the government pays citizens’ medical bills – is a divisive issue this campaign season.

Evidence supports holistic approach to helping women recover from fistula

By Rebecca Griffin, Bixby Center on February 13, 2020
Female genital fistula can be a life-altering, debilitating injury. Women with fistula experience physical symptoms such as uncontrollable leakage of urine and/or feces, nerve damage, pelvic bone trauma and infertility. On top of the physical pain, these women are stigmatized and see their social...

Brain tumor surgery that pushes boundaries boosts patients' survival

By Suzanne Leigh on February 06, 2020
Survival may more than double for adults with glioblastoma, the most common and deadly type of brain tumor, if neurosurgeons remove the surrounding tissue as aggressively as they remove the cancerous core of the tumor. This discovery, reported in a retrospective study headed by researchers at UC...

EpiBio team will explore lung cancer in Asian American nonsmokers

By Cameron Scott on February 04, 2020
Smoking has long dominated the narrative of lung cancer, and it does pose a major risk. Yet, up to a quarter of those diagnosed with lung cancer in the United States have never smoked.

Tackling a deadly infectious disease: A drama in four acts

By Cameron Scott on January 31, 2020
Dan Kelly’s work on Ebola shows how quickly global health work can alter the face of a deadly new disease when things go right.

Postdoctoral Fellowship Opportunity in Cancer Disparities Research

By Scarlett Gomez on January 27, 2020
The DREAM Lab and the Greater Bay Area Cancer Registry at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) has 1-2 openings for 2-3 year post-doctoral fellowship positions. We are seeking individual(s) to conduct population-based research in cancer disparities, including surveillance research...

Don’t trust those reports: Red meat is not good for you

By Mike Martin on January 27, 2020
Is it safe to eat red meat again? Meat-lovers are licking their chops over recent news coverage suggesting that red meat might not be as bad as we thought. Unfortunately, the headlines have been based on studies that really don’t offer much cover for red meat.

Death Rate Escalates for Pediatric Liver Transplant Patients in ‘Growth Failure Gap’

By Suzanne Leigh, originally published in the UCSF News Center on January 16, 2020
1 in 6 Children Loses Priority Points Due to Flawed Score System, UCSF Study Shows

Single-Payer Systems Likely to Save Money in US, Analysis Finds

By Laura Kurtzman on January 16, 2020
Lower Administrative and Drug Costs Would Be Main Drivers of Cost Savings