Climate change will give rise to more cancers

By Elizabeth Fernandez on November 05, 2020
UCSF study focuses on global impact for major cancers and steps needed to lessen risks

Lydia Zablotska’s efforts win epidemiology a seat at the table at the Radiation Research Society

By Cameron Scott on October 19, 2020
This week, when the Radiation Research Society (RRS) holds its annual meeting virtually, it will for the first time formally include epidemiology as a discipline among its ranks, with Lydia Zablotska,

Incentive-based smoking cessation programs could work in hard-to-reach pockets of smokers across the developing world

By Cameron Scott on October 14, 2020
While rates of cigarette smoking continue to inch down worldwide, tobacco use still accounts for 6.4 million deaths a year. Low- and middle-income countries (LMICs) are particularly hard hit, seeing nearly three-quarters of those deaths. In a study published today in BMJ, Justin White, PhD – an...

Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Bioinformatics Applications to Cognitive Aging and Brain Health

October 13, 2020
The San Francisco VA Health Care System is recruiting for an advanced two-year Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program in Epidemiology with a focus on using bioinformatic approaches to solve new challenges in cognitive and brain health research.  Potential areas of application to bioinformatic concepts...

'Long Island Divided' series wins Edward R. Murrow Prize

By Vera Chinese on October 12, 2020
Ed note: Isabel Elaine Allen designed the approach for Newsday's investigation into housing discrimination in Long Island.

UCSF and Louisiana Public Health Institute receive nearly $5 million for COVID-19 research and analysis

By Cameron Scott on October 01, 2020
Project will analyze behaviors, beliefs, testing, and symptoms using COVID-19 Citizen Science mobile-app and PCORnet

Most infants are well even when moms are infected by COVID-19

By Elizabeth Fernandez on September 23, 2020
UCSF study shows reassuring initial findings for infant health

UCSF’s Covidseeker to track the coronavirus with cell phone data

By Laura Kurtzman on September 15, 2020
Participants can donate their Google location history to promote a safer reopening

A new theory asks: Could a mask be a crude ‘vaccine’?

By Katherine J. Wu, New York Times on September 08, 2020
Scientists float a provocative — and unproven — idea: that masks expose the wearer to just enough of the virus to spark a protective immune response.

Living in a disadvantaged neighborhood causes poorer cardiovascular health

By Cameron Scott on August 21, 2020
If an expert were to point to a down-at-heels neighborhood and declare that people who live there have worse health than people who live in a more prosperous neighborhood nearby, few of us would be surprised. But does the neighborhood introduce health risks, or does it simply group together people...