Meet the new bioinformatics division chief, Tony Capra, PhD

By Cameron Scott on March 07, 2023
Tony Capra, PhD, will take over from Katie Pollard, PhD, as chief of the division of bioinformatics effective July 1.

Mi-Ok Kim, PhD, becomes Vice Chair for Finance

By Cameron Scott on March 07, 2023
Mi-Ok Kim, PhD, joined UCSF in 2016 from the University of Cincinnati, where she worked on high-profile research into pediatric diseases with doctors and researchers at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.

Faculty spotlight: Rosalyn Plotzker, MD, MPH

March 06, 2023
Plotzker talks about her research interests and why she's passionate about them.

Researchers receive high honors for outstanding science contributions

By Laura Kurtzman on February 01, 2023
Three UC San Francisco researchers have been named 2022 fellows by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), which is the world’s largest general scientific society and publishes the influential Science family of journals. Election to AAAS is one of the highest honors in...

Jean Feng, PhD, will use a $1-million PCORI award to diagnose and treat the machines that increasingly diagnose and treat us

By Cameron Scott on January 19, 2023
Machine learning – in which a computer finds patterns that humans might not have recognized – is increasingly being used to develop algorithms that help clinicians diagnose and treat patients.  

Evolution of uniquely human DNA was a balancing act, study concludes

By Sarah C. P. Williams on January 13, 2023
Humans and chimpanzees differ in only one percent of their DNA. Human accelerated regions (HARs) are parts of the genome with an unexpected amount of these differences. HARs were stable in mammals for millennia but quickly changed in early humans.

What makes us human? Mostly gene regulation, according to an area of research launched by Katie Pollard, PhD

By Cameron Scott on January 11, 2023
Photo: Michael Short/Gladstone Institutes

UC launches Pandemic Recovery and Readiness Research Initiative

By Laura Kurtzman on December 19, 2022
The University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) launched the California Collaborative for Pandemic Recovery and Readiness Research (CPR3), a research initiative to investigate the effects of the pandemic on California communities and individuals. The new research program aims to leverage lessons...

UCSF mourns the death of epidemiology great Stephen Hulley, MD, MPH

By Cameron Scott on December 06, 2022
We are sad to announce that Stephen Hulley, MD, MPH, passed away on November 22 after a brief illness. Hulley was on the UCSF faculty for more than 30 years and served as Chair of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics from 1994 to 2006.

Model shows where women lost access to abortion after Dobbs

By Cameron Scott on November 02, 2022
A third of American women of reproductive age now face excessive travel times to obtain an abortion, according to a new geospatial analysis by researchers in San Francisco and Boston that is one of the first to model the effects of the Supreme Court’s recent Dobbs v. Jackson decision.