Training in Genetic & Molecular Epidemiology of Cancer

This program offers a set of instructional and research opportunities to exceptional postdoctoral candidates in order to promote their careers as independent researchers in the interdisciplinary field of genetic and molecular epidemiology of cancer. The program blends together in a highly interactive fashion a group of mentors and trainees from cancer research, molecular biology, genetics, epidemiology and biostatistics.

The program is defined by three main components:

  1. A specialized core curriculum that covers the key disciplines and their intersections
  2. Additional educational experiences to complement each trainee's research and educational background and interest
  3. Focused research projects with multiple mentors. 

Each trainee will also be required to extend their research experience by writing a mock NIH proposal. Individuals trained in this program will have the skills vital to deciphering the causes of cancer, ultimately providing valuable knowledge regarding the prevention and treatment of this complex disease.

Interested candidates should send a CV and names of three references to Iona Cheng and Elad Ziv.