Server and Desktop Virtualization

The DSS team operates virtual servers that can be configured to meet the needs of disparate groups or research teams upon request, and supports Remote Desktop protocols for individual network users.  All virtual/remote computing offerings operate entirely behind multiple, secure firewalls, and can be securely accessed without VPN (Junos Pulse).  Current solution and software offerings include:

Solutions (Skills):

  • Full Desktop virtualization Windows and Linux (VDI desktop replacement solution))
  • Able to virtualize non -RDS aware applications
  • Extensive computation resources available to normal users supporting needs far above the capacity of desktop computers and small clusters
  • High performance computing cluster for needs beyond our regular computation rersources
  • Advanced Hypervisor solutions available to users: MS Hypervisor & OpenStack
  • Long term archive cold storage solution
  • Secure external collaboration via eXo Platform

Our Network Resources