Recharge Rates

Network User Rates:

Rate Tier UCSF Internal Rate External Rate (non-UCSF clients)
Full Remote Access $333.51/user/month $420.22/user/month


Data Storage Rates:

Storage Tier UCSF Internal Rate External Rate (non-UCSF clients)
<4 TB/month $534.29/project/month $673.21/project/month
High Performance Computing $101.65/user/month $128.07/user/month


Recharge rates and tiers

Full Network User:  Full network users have access to all of the resources described above, and can request additional support through our Help Desk ticketing system.

Student:  The student rate is designed to provide virtual access to the software packages that are commonly used by learners in our training programs (R, SPSS, Stata, SAS, etc.)  Subscribers to this tier are not allocated personal storage space or email accounts.  Subscribers to this tier can access our analytical software packages to perform their course work, and are often spared the expense of updating laptop computers and purchasing the requisite software licenses for their classes.

Web Access Only:  The web access tier provides users access to UCSF subscriptions to periodicals and PubMed@UCSF.

Data Storage:  We offer a single storage rate, for subscribers or projects that would like to store files/data in excess of 100GB on the network.  We offer secure, professionally-managed storage space that is backed up nightly, with redundant copies of backups stored for six months.  Typically study teams or research projects working with large datasets use this tier.  We ensure that each subscribing group is allocated adequate space, and we can offer customized configurations to meet specific security requirements.   Our team will manage access and permissions for you, as well as maintain an audit trail for tracking permissions/access changes.

High Performance Computing:  The tier supports users who require extra computing power and fast processing speeds to perform analyses on large datasets, specialized software, and servers equipped with graphics processing units.
Special Requests
Occasions arise when a research team or an individual may request some specialized computing resources, such as storage space in excess of 100 GB, or a virtual server/workstation that runs a customized instance of REDCap (for example).  These requests are evaluated by our technical staff, and if specialized requests are likely to result in the deployment or resources that will be disproportionately beneficial to one person or group, we will generate a formal cost estimate for completing that work.