Data Systems Services

The Data Systems Services (DSS) team supports a range of research and programmatic activity across the UCSF campus and beyond.  The team is comprised of seasoned network professionals and database and web programmers who have been providing data collection, cleaning, and storage services to research investigators for more than 35 years.  The group supports the work of the cross-institutional San Francisco Coordinating Center, as well as that of numerous other UCSF departments and investigators.

The DSS team operates a state of the art data center located at Mission Bay.  This infrastructure enables the enhanced efficiency and security of cloud computing and server/desktop virtualization, hosted within the UCSF network and compliant with NIST-mandated security protocols.

The DSS team endeavors provide exceptional and efficient service to the campus by leveraging historical expertise within the group, keeping pace with technical developments in the broad marketplace, and fostering collaboration with other technical units at UCSF.

Services Offered by the DSS

Skills and Technologies

Research Data System (RDS):  RDS supports data collection, cleaning, storage and analysis and study management for multi-center studies

Research Electronic Data Capture (REDCap) Programming

Customized Programming and Data Services:  Database creation and web programming tailored to investigator needs

Event Adjudication:  Customized databases for outcome ascertainment studies

Network Services:  Extensive network and server infrastructure at two locations.

Server and Desktop Virtualization:  Supports secure, remote access to customizable server clusters and software application

Consultation and Needs Assessment Services:  Supports investigators who are seeking technical solutions

Personnel and Contributors

Current Supported Projects and Groups

For more information about these services, please contact [email protected]

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DEB-DSS User Responsibilities

If you currently store data in the Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics (DEB) Data Systems/Data Center or are an active user of the DEB Data Systems Services (DSS) you should be aware that UCSF is taking steps to increase IT security in order to ensure compliance with University of California policy BFB-IS-3: Electronic Information Security (“IS-3”). This policy applies to all campuses, all faculty, staff, students, and contractors who use UC information technology resources, including DSS resources. 

As the policy states, IT security is a shared responsibility, we, therefore, ask you to be aware of the following:

Your responsibilities as an active user of the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Data System Services:

  • All Data Use agreements must be signed by the appropriate UCSF official with a copy provided to the DSS via email to [email protected].  
  • Users must utilize ServiceDesk email for inquires, reporting of issues and requests for system enhancements ([email protected])
  • Submit requests for software and packages to be installed via [email protected]
  • Users are prohibited from changing configurations, installing programs or abusing any of the existing applications to elevate access
  • Abide by the terms mentioned in the Confidentiality Statement
  • We recommend that you maintain your data within our secure environment. Researchers who choose to save data in other locations are personally responsible for the security of the information at all times and are required to comply with all applicable state and federal laws.
  •     Users are responsible for notifying DEB-DSS 30 days prior to discontinuing DSS support and arrange disposition of data housed within DSS. We will delete data within 90 days of departure.
  •     User end points (laptops/desktops) connecting to DEB must meet UCSF minimum security standards.
  •     Users are responsible for adhering to Data Use agreements for data they store in our environment.

PI or study owner responsibilities:

  • The PI or study owner must notify DEB-DSS of any study participants whose access needs to be removed or is no longer required.
  • The PI, study owner or study manager must notify DEB-DSS of any users who have transferred departments and no longer require access to study data.
  • The PI or study owner must notify DEB-DSS when departing UCSF and transfer to another UCSF owner or arrange disposition of data housed within DSS. 
  • The PI or study owner is responsible for responding promptly to requests to review, classify, and inventory data of their research project study data via the Bonita Soft process. 
  • Communicate any change in security requirements in research agreements to DEB-DSS via [email protected].
  • Request restoration from backups of DEB study data within 24 hours of incident when required.
  • The PI or study owner is responsible for ensuring that any user added to a DEB study that requires IRB approval, is listed on the IRB.