Biostatistical Assistance with Grant Proposals

Biostatistics faculty are available to provide help with preparation of grants that will be submitted through UCSF. We offer assistance with non-statistical study design issues as well as statistical aspects of proposals. Examples include:

  • Formulating hypotheses or study aims
  • Devising appropriate study designs
  • Defining appropriate outcomes, predictors, and confounding variables
  • Choosing and/or justifying sample size
  • Outlining appropriate data analysis strategies and tests
  • Writing or editing sections of the proposal

Extent of Biostatistical Involvement and Corresponding Payment Options

Minimal Involvement

Our service is free for brief consultations on grant proposals (about an hour). Additional hours can be hired on a recharge basis. This option is appropriate for research proposals that do not require complex designs or analyses.

Extensive Involvement

We provide up to 20 hours effort free of charge toward grant proposals that include funding for Biostatistics Division faculty time at 10% and above. This option is appropriate for research projects that would benefit from significant involvement of a biostatistician, usually as a co-investigator, both while writing the grant and once it is funded. Indeed, many grant applications can be strengthened and their prospects for funding improved by collaborating with a faculty statistician on the proposal and naming a biostatistician among key personnel. As faculty of the Division of Biostatistics, we have much experience filling this role and consider it an important part of our mission at UCSF. Please request help at least 4 weeks before the proposal is due for review at the UCSF Contracts & Grants office. Otherwise, the time needed for this service may already be heavily committed.

Request These Services

Request biostatistical assistance with grant development online through CTSI Consultation Services.


Contact CTSI Consultation Services by phone, 415-514-8086, or e-mail, CTSI Consultation Services.