Data Systems Services: Current Supported Projects

Updated February 2019

MOST Study:  Support data collection, cleaning and storage for MOST, as well as provide customizations as needed to the Research Data System

OAI Study:  Support all aspects of data collection for OAI, including its public data releases

Pre-Term Birth Project:  Provide REDCap programming/survey questionnaire design and implementation for this project, and data hosting/storage

WEST Study:  Support data collection, cleaning and storage for this study, and providing custom programming as specified by study team

ADAPT Study:  Provide data storage and Open MRS for this study used at 4 international locations using specialized software and customized data handling

MASALA Study:  Support data collection, cleaning and storage for this study, and providing custom reports as specified by study team

DREAMS and PTBi:  Provide virtual servers running two instances of specialized software and custom support for internationally-based personnel.

TICR/ATCR Training Program:  Provide comprehensive support for the public TICR website and internal databases, support integration with UCSF CLE and Qualtrics  

Vest Study:  Support data collection and storage

FINIH Bone Quality Study:  Provide data storage

Look Ahead Project:  Provide data storage space and maintain user access at 5 sites.

DXA QA Scan Storage:  Support uploads of HRpQCT and DXA scans from 25 sites and provide storage

All of Us Study:  Assisted with the execution of a specialized Security Agreement required by external data coordinating center.

CIIDR Study:  Provide storage and maintenance for this study.

Health ABC Study:  Provide data storage for this study.

SEER Registry:  Provide data hosting and support.

SICCA: Support data storage and specialized websites.

Current Partnerships with UCSF units and External Clients:

CTSI:  Provide system hosting and support  

Anesthesia:  Provide virtual server configuration and hosting.
Cardiology:  Provide server hosting and support of legacy software

Institute for Human Genetics (IHG):  Provide server hosting and administration

Department of Medicine:  Provide server administration, hosting server virtualization and project support

Social Behavioral Sciences:  Provide virtual server hosting and platform support

Pediatrics: Provide server hosting and administration

CAMI Consulting: Provide virtual server hosting  

California Pacific Medical Research Institute (CPMCRI):  Support Research Data System usage for a range of individual studies, provide network user support and specific platform support