Seniors with memory issues take multiple medications, but most are willing to cut down

By Suzanne Leigh on March 10, 2022
Some 58% of seniors with probable or possible dementia had otherwise good to excellent health, yet more than half of the total took six or more regular medications – a habit that may, at best, strain insurance costs and budgets, and at worst may result in adverse drug interactions and poor outcomes...

Global work to improve birth outcomes could help reduce racial disparities in the U.S.

By Cameron Scott on March 07, 2022
The maternal mortality rate in the United States exceeds that of any other developed country and it increased significantly in 2020, according to a

What you didn’t learn in school about sexual health

By Elizabeth Daube on March 02, 2022
UCSF experts share some tips. Do you need every single one of them? Maybe not. Will you read them anyway? Yeah, probably.

In solidarity with Ukraine

February 25, 2022
The UCSF Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics (DEB), and the Institute for Global Health Sciences (IGHS) stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and their struggle against Russia’s aggressive invasion.

Updates from former PhD students

By Cameron Scott on February 11, 2022
It adds value to mentoring and apprenticeship experiences if the conversation continues after formal training is over. With that in mind, we asked some PhD alums what they were doing professionally. Their responses highlighted the diverse, meaningful paths junior epidemiologists have open to them...

Studies measuring COVID death risks by occupation cited in Supreme Court case

By Cameron Scott on February 10, 2022
Epidemiology often plays the role of producing data to push others to act. Epidemiological findings may call on medical researchers to identify the mechanism of widespread illness or on policymakers to act to limit risks to the population. The path to change can be a winding one.

Researchers propose ethical methods for using Big Data in health research

By Cameron Scott on January 31, 2022
As the amount of digital health data continues to grow – providing more and more insight into our health – some epidemiologists have begun to wonder whether they are still needed to identify, describe and vet solutions for problems in public health.

EpiBiostats faculty among Deans' Population Health and Health Equity (PHHE) Scholars

By Kemi Amin on January 21, 2022
The UCSF School of Medicine recently announced the 2022 Class of Deans' Population Health and Health Equity (PHHE) Scholars. These awards are made to junior faculty working in the area of population health or health equity.

How likely is it for omicron to mutate into something deadlier?

By Nicole Karlis, Salon on January 21, 2022
It's hard to know what omicron means for the future of the pandemic. While some have optimistically suggested this could be the final surge before the U.S. moves into a more hopeful period of endemicity, scientists have also warned that the omicron variant — which is less severe albeit more...

Binge drinking linked to first episodes of heart rhythm disorder

By Jeffrey Norris on January 12, 2022
New Year’s Day, Super Bowl Sunday and other days when more people consume more alcohol are also associated with more emergency room visits for atrial fibrillation, an often-deadly heart rhythm disorder, reported a new study led by UC San Francisco.