To understand a new disease, start at the beginning

By Cameron Scott on April 06, 2020
Would you know if you had COVID-19?  

New COVID-19 ‘Citizen Science’ Initiative Lets Any Adult with a Smartphone Help to Fight Coronavirus

By Jeff Norris on March 30, 2020
To help fight the novel coronavirus now plaguing humanity, a new initiative by UC San Francisco physician-scientists, dubbed COVID-19 Citizen Science (CSS), will allow anyone in the world age 18 or over to become a citizen scientist advancing understanding of the disease.

Where are we on the curve of this epidemic?

By Cameron Scott on March 26, 2020
When the City of San Francisco effectively grounded its residents on March 16, there were just 23 confirmed local cases. It was hard not to wonder if the restrictions were really necessary.

Treatment to new lower blood pressure treatment targets not supported by evidence for people under 50 or over 70

By Cameron Scott on March 16, 2020
Underrepresentation in clinical trials leaves evidence gaps for younger adults with low cardiovascular risk and in older adults with multiple health conditions, study finds

Seizures in older adults may signal Alzheimer’s disease

By Cameron Scott on March 12, 2020
New findings suggest that unexplained seizures in older adults may be an early sign of Alzheimer’s disease.

“Real world” data from health systems reveal opportunities for blood pressure improvement

By Cameron Scott on March 06, 2020
UCSF platform will support blood pressure surveillance and randomized trials  

Do no harm: Challenges remain in delivering equitable healthcare to women

By Cameron Scott on March 04, 2020
March 8 is International Women’s Day, and gender equality is one of the United Nation’s main international goals. Many of the socio-economic benefits that hinge on women’s empowerment rely on their ability to make informed reproductive decisions. And when it comes to women’s equality in healthcare...

UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative Postdoctoral Program

March 03, 2020
The goal of the UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative (BHHI) is to provide accurate, timely policy-oriented research to inform appropriate programmatic and policy responses to prevent and end homelessness. Funded by a generous gift from Marc and Lynne Benioff, the BHHI, based at the UCSF...

To measure racism as a risk factor, UCSF researcher asks communities to help define it

By Cameron Scott on February 24, 2020
In the last decade or so, epidemiological studies have begun to address the elephant in the room: racism. Racism lurks within all of the socioeconomic characteristics researchers analyze, but it’s not easy to measure.

What the evidence says about Medicare for All and other single-payer healthcare plans

By Cameron Scott on February 21, 2020
Single-payer health care – in which the government pays citizens’ medical bills – is a divisive issue this campaign season.