Resident Research Funding Program

The Resident Clinical and Translational Research Funding (RRF) program will provide up to $4000 per academic year to UCSF residents for qualified clinical and translational research expenses not covered by their mentor or other sources. Applications require the description of the proposed project for which the funds will be used, to be conducted under the guidance of a research mentor. Applications will be accepted twice a year and the most meritorious projects will be funded.

The funds may be used for qualified research expenses as defined by official UCSF policy, including materials, design and biostatistics consultation, analytic support and study-related travel. This money cannot be used to attend and/or present abstracts at scientific meetings (see Travel Grants). Hardware and software purchases, and travel for purposes other than to present an abstract, are permitted if required by the project, but are generally considered less worthy of funding than other expenditures. Salary support for investigators and entertainment are not permitted.

Basic science applications that do not include human subjects or use human specimens will not be accepted. Medical education or quality improvement projects will be considered if scientific methods are used to assess outcomes and if results are expected to be generalized to a larger population beyond the initial site of implementation.

Priority for funding will be based upon the quality of the research protocol, feasibility and the potential to advance the applicant's research career. Only one application per person may be submitted in a given cycle. Only one award per resident is allowed, and awarded residents may not apply again.

Previous funded projects span a variety of clinical disciplines and methodologic approaches. View previous awardee list (PDF).

RRF Requirements

Applicants and Projects

  • Must be a full-time UCSF resident from any department in the School of Medicine or School of Pharmacy at the time funds are awarded, and must be able to complete data collection and analysis for the specified project while a resident. Students and fellows are not eligible.
  • Must have at least 6 months and preferably 12 months of remaining time in residency in order to pursue the proposed research, unless the candidate can provide a clear and explicit plan for completing all project activities and spending all funds in a shorter remaining time.
  • Must have a faculty mentor who submits a letter of support; the support letter should confirm other funding or resources that are in place to support the candidate’s research.
  • Are strongly encouraged to have completed the DCR (Designing Clinical Research) course or equivalent didactic training (e.g. MPH or PhD in Epidemiology).
  • Must be willing to give brief yearly updates on the status of the project until completion.
  • Must complete future career-tracking surveys and acknowledge funding in any related presentations and publications.
  • Project should be largely designed and conducted by the resident as opposed to the mentor, although underlying funds or infrastructure from the mentor may be used.
  • Only one application per person may be submitted in a given cycle. Only one award per resident is allowed and awarded residents may not apply again.


  • Must be used in the 12 months following the award.
  • Must be used for the activities detailed in the application.
  • Must be used for research expenses such as biostatistical consultation, statistical analysis, data collection, participant remuneration, sample collection, processing fees or similar.
  • Cannot be used for travel to attend scientific meetings, regardless of whether or not an abstract is to be presented.
  • Cannot be used to purchase books or other academic supplies for the resident, or to purchase personal computers or electronic devices for the resident.
  • Funding may be awarded for the following activities/uses/expenses but these requests will be given lower priority:
    • Training or workshop costs directly related to the research project.
    • Travel necessary to collect data or conduct research.
    • Hardware and software purchases.


Documents Required to Apply: Please collect before completing the online application. Only PDF versions of the following documents will be accepted:

  • Current CV
  • Letter of Support: A brief letter from your Research Mentor, stating that s/he supports the proposal request and if an award is made, that s/he will support the applicant to maximize the probability of a successful project.

Sample application

View successful applications from previous funding cycles: