Fees & Financial Support

The Master's Program is a minimum two-year course of study, requiring registration for seven quarters (summer, fall, winter, spring in the first year and fall, winter, spring in the second year). Fees for 2018-19 are $27,270. Students who require additional time in the program will be charged on a per quarter basis. Fees are subject to change without notice and do not include books, supplies, or software.

The fee payment deadline for fall term is usually in early October. Please refer to the Office of the Registrar for further details.

Selected applicants will be eligible to have their fees offset by a Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics Scholarship of up to $7,603 the first year. In the second year, fees for selected applicants will be offset by up to an additional $2,500 to compensate for teaching assistance required in the second year, for a total offset of up to $10,103). (Note: This is subject to change.)

Applicants who meet the following criteria will be eligible for the fee offset:

  1. Demonstrated excellence in the performance of academic work and clinical care, based on prior transcripts, publications and letters of recommendation. This criterion will be evaluated by the Master's Degree Program Admissions Committee.
  2. Concurrent enrollment in a UCSF/UC Berkeley–sponsored residency or postdoctoral fellowship program that is recognized by the UCSF Office of Graduate Medical Education; or being a registered student in one of the professional schools or graduate programs at UCSF/UC Berkeley (in a program other than the TICR Program); or holding a full-time salaried UCSF/UC Berkeley faculty, academic or staff position. Individuals will be asked to provide proof of UCSF/UC Berkeley status.

Financial Assistance

Prospective students in need of financial assistance should contact the UCSF Graduate Division financial support office.